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Congrats on the new Disney television movie and series, Sofia The First! The storyline is very original. What drew you to this project?

“The series features music and singing, which are huge passions of mine. What I also love about this show is that it showcases the benefits and challenges of forming part of a blended family. The show is done in a very tasteful, classic, Disney-like kind of way. It aims at children between the ages of six and seven, which I love because the first few years of life are so important. Parents are going to think it’s entertaining too.”

Your character marries into royalty and has a daughter named Sofia. Tell us more about your character Queen Miranda.

“Queen Miranda is independent and was a single mother for a long time before she married the king. Her daughter Sofia gains a new stepfather, two new siblings, and along with that has to learn the responsibilities of being a princess. There are so many great lessons for kids in this show, but the one I love the most is of Sofia learning how to become a princess. Even though she has a new lifestyle with really nice things in her kingdom, she learns that life is about more than that. She learns kindness, courage, and compassion is what really makes you a royal human being.”

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